The Project

We are an antispeciesist and transversal refuge dedicated to give a new life to birds (named ‘poultry’) from animal exploitation (Get to know us here)

Why a project like FreePhoenix?

‘Nearly 50,000 million hens and chickens are killed every year around the world. (…) Likewise, if we only count animals raised on farms on land, and not fish and other aquatic animals raised in fish farms, they are the animals that are killed in greatest numbers for their consumption.’

Filming for Liberation

The majority of poultry are sent to the slaughterhouse at an early age. In the industry, a chicken is taken to the slaughterhouse at 6 weeks of age, while its life expectancy would be around 10 years.

From our own experiences, we know that this is speciesism – a system of discrimination and oppression towards other animals, just for not belonging to the human species.

‘As humans, we use our privilege of species over other animals. What we aspire to do is to stop dominating their bodies and their lives, to stop appropriating them for our pleasures, benefits and interests. For this reason, we try to work as situated individuals who become aware of their oppressions and responsible for their privileges.

We decided to be part of the struggle for their liberation, to dedicate our resources and time to work to put an end to this system of domination. We decided to create this place of refuge, equality, care and respect.

The first step

For us, veganism was the beginning of everything. The first consequence in our lives, in our day to day. We decided to stop being subjects of oppression.

Veganism “is not only a form of free feeding of any product of animal origin, but rather a way of life that rejects the exploitation of animals in all areas, whether it is consuming animals as food, the use of their hair, their feathers or skins, products that have been experienced on them, or attendance at shows where they are exploited (circus, bullfighting) or exposed (zoos, aquariums) as well as the sale of animals (consider pets / properties). “Veganism. From theory to action”

Be part of their liberation

We realized that being vegan is not directly in solidarity with the victims of speciesism. We had to join the movement for Animal Liberation. It includes organizations, groups and activists that work on the central idea that other animals have basic needs and interests that deserve recognition and protection.

Just as the oppressions are connected, the struggles must also be connected. As part of a liberation movement we must commit ourselves not to exercise other oppressions, take them into account and nurture ourselves and serve as support for other political movements.

‘Since human animals also deserve respect and consideration, regardless of the color of our skin, the gender in which we are classified, our sexual orientation or our place of birth, it is incompatible to sustain an antispeciesist position, while ignoring the rights of human beings. We cannot allow people/groups that are fascist, Zionist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic etc to allign themselves with us. (…) ‘

As a movement, we have also been victims of repression. We must bear in mind that the battle for animal rights inevitably happens because it is a battle for freedom of information. We see, then, of vital importance, to strengthen bonds of solidarity and mutual support and not allow fear and criminalization to stop us in the struggle for the freedom of other animals.

We look at the world together, let’s take part of their liberation.