About us

We are a collective of women aware of our own oppressions, but also willing to be responsible for our species’ privilege because we think that human and animal suffering should not be polarized as they are closely related.

We feel the need for a joint struggle towards the equity of all identities, and for the elimination of any kind of hierarchy and domination from some beings over others.

our struggle
We focus our struggle on those birds who are forced to be part of the industry of animal exploitation (hens, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, …) because they are the most enslaved and used species for human consumption (after fish).
For these reasons, we believe it is the fairest to put our resources at their service, trying to give back to them the dignified life and freedom that speciesism has taken from them, and take care of them, physically as well as psychologically and socially. To ensure, therefore, basic rights that belong to every sentient being. 
To achieve this purpose as much as possible, we believe it is needed for these species to have their own dedicated and safe space in which they can be treated in a personal and specialized way.

our focus
As a collective, we would also like to collaborate with other projects aligned with our policy about Animal Liberation.
Furthermore, we believe it is needed to report about the situation in which the rest of the animals are suffering in our society, so our communication is directed to create social impact and a call to action to Animal Liberation.