We want that this section to be a window into the safe space, free of oppression, that we want to create, so today we inaugurated it by presenting to you the first free refugee: Ekaitz.


Ekaitz appeared wandering on a road near a free range farm. After almost being run over, we were able to rescue her without problems and, as you will see, she is very used to human company.We are thinking that she was able to escape from their exploiter by being separated from their companions to be sacrificed, since Ekaitz, due to several chronic health problems, cannot continue to lay eggs.

Now, with vigilance, care, and periodic medical treatment, you can live in peace and develop her whole personality.

Ekaitz is curious, communicative and very intelligent. She loves to take sand baths when the sun is up and to peck the wet grass, but she also enjoys human companionship (especially when we share our food with her!).