We continue to give you updates about Ekaitz, although this week is not good: in the last veterinary review we discovered that one of the possible chronic problems that Ekaitz could suffer from is peritonitis, a disease unfortunately very common in hens that come from exploitation. It manifests as an internal insertion of the egg, which descends into the abdominal cavity and causes fluid to be released in the abdomen, affecting other organs. The symptoms may also be indicative of a tumor in the ovary. Both are serious illnesses that could have caused death if they had not been detected in time.

After performing an X-ray and sonography, the veterinarian recommended stabilizing her with antibiotics, and after 15 days suggested to do an endoscopy to confirm the diagnosis and see what the next step is to help her feel better. At all times we were with her and pampering her, as she calms down with our presence. Now she is at home receiving the necessary treatment and care while waiting to be tested.

We will do everything possible so that Ekaitz can enjoy the life she deserves!